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Joes Leads


Risk Free

High-quality lead generation designed to land your ideal client on your desk. Let's help you focus on what you do best.


Pay per Call

That's right, you can have qualified leads booked to have a sales call with. Once the call shows up and they are qualified, that is when you will be billed.


What is Risk Free?

It's simple...
No Retainer fees
No Setup Fees
Pay us when we are successfull

Warm Lead Closing

High Ticket Closing

❌ NO Retainers
❌ NO Setup Fees
❌ NO Worries

Let us clear up your schedule by taking those warm lead sales calls for you.

Natural selling methods

Ditch the old school style

Aggressive styles and pushy salespeople are seen as out of touch and will cost you tens of thousands in sales every cycle.
We focus on the client's needs and guide them to tell us the story of how your product will be right for them. Then we let them sell themselves!

Direct Communications

Objective Handeling

Professionally trained to help your leads understand why they may be objecting and how they can overcome those objections to make the correct decision for the sale.

Are we a good fit for eachother?

Lets have a meeting.

If you made it this far, it's going to be my job to try and talk you out of it.

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